Guided by Arrow

Arrow’s local in-country platforms mean we have the expertise to ensure that we guide our investors through a fragmented and complex market, using the diversity of knowledge we possess to drive consistent returns.

Investing Responsibly

Arrow is an ambitious company with a determination to succeed that is matched by our drive to do things the right way – ensuring we create a sustainable business that builds better financial futures for our stakeholders.

Vision & Values

This animation showcases our vision – To be the valued and innovative partner in credit and asset management – and all of the activities we undertake to ensure we can successfully fulfil that ambition.

Diversity & Inclusion

Watch as members of the wider Arrow Global team share their personal perspectives on what diversity and inclusion means to them. We hear from colleagues across our geographies and operations as they explain why #WeAreOneArrow.

Building Better Financial Futures

Our Purpose is Building Better Financial Futures. This is applicable to all our stakeholders including our customers, employees, shareholders, communities and clients. Our Purpose is embedded across the Group; it is our philosophical heartbeat that we all feel inside us.

  • Environment

  • We are aware of our impact on the natural environment and our effort to improve it

  • Customers, Employees, Communities

    Climate Risk: Products & Services

    • GHG emissions reporting
    • Remote working, business travel and office standards

    Shareholders, Regulators, Investors, Partners

    Climate Risk:

    • Establishing plan
    • Scenario analysis
    • Determining relevant physical and transitional risks
    • Assessing opportunities
  • Social

  • We understand and respond to the needs of our people and customers

  • Customers, Communities

    Communities & Customers

    • Charitable relations
    • Customer experience
    • Complaints
    • Vulnerable customers

    Employees, Suppliers / Partners

    People & Operations

    • Culture
    • Employee engagement
    • Performance mgmt.
    • Employee training & skills
    • Diversity & inclusion
    • Health & well-being
    • Human rights
  • Governance

  • We are a responsible business and investor

  • Shareholders, Investors / LPs, Asset Sellers

    Responsible Investment

    • Due diligence
    • Risk appetite
    • Exclusion and inclusion
    • Patient capital

    Regulators, Customers, Employees, Investors, Shareholders

    Business Conduct & Risk

    • Business sponsorship and oversight
    • Company values
    • Whistleblowing, effectiveness reviews
    • Operational resilience
    • Financial crime
    • Data privacy & security
    • Tax transparency